Simon & Schuster CMS platform

Helping Simon & Schuster re-purpose their extensive backlist for new revenue driven projects.
Backlist to JSON feeds
Description: Simon & Schuster CMS platform
The challenge
Simon & Schuster have a large back catalogue of specialist books. To unlock new revenue streams from their backlist, they wanted to break some of this content up into granular items to allow editors to add value to the content and deliver data feeds to third-parties.
The solution
A new Librios platform was built and a special content type created to hold genre specific metadata. This allows, via the Librios web portal, Simon & Schuster users to upload their book content onto the platform and for the system to then extract individual content items automatically ready for repurposing.
Once created, this new content becomes part of a production workflow. Additional metadata can also be applied to further enrich the information.
Finally, the content can then be released into a variety of defined formats (for example, XML and JSON) and delivered via feeds for ingestion by external third-party management information systems.
Description: Simon & Schuster CMS platform
Content assets ready for the editorial team to enhance.
Description: Simon & Schuster CMS platform
Imported content immediately generating a searchable database of assets.
Description: Simon & Schuster CMS platform
Custom editorial layouts to suit the needs of the team including drag-and-drop options to re-order data.
Description: Simon & Schuster CMS platform
JSON can be viewed per asset. A large JSON feed is consumed by a 3rd party system.