Yale University Press A&AePortal

Academic research transformed into an accessible online resource.
Beautiful art and architecture scholarship.
Description: Yale University Press A&AePortal
The challenge
Yale University Press wanted to meet the growing demand of specialist interest groups and key institutions who need digital access to important backlist collections of art and architectural history scholarship, textbooks and monographs.
The solution
A Librios platform was configured with the Yale University Press team so they could import content directly from ePubs. The ingestion process breaks book content into XML modules, so that access can be sold at both book and chapter level. Finally the content is automatically converted to mobile ready web content.
Images within the ePubs are automatically extracted and inserted into a central media library. These images then have additional metadata and tagging applied by the Yale University Press team. A fully searchable image library enhances academic research, and also allow images to be shared across books. The system allows you to move from an image directly to any related scholarship.
Users of the platform have a variety of tools available, including citation and note taking. Bookmarking, print-views and personal library areas are also available.
The success of the ePortal has led to other leading organisations joining the project, creating a meaningful and robust educational experience using the Librios platform.
View the website: https://www.aaeportal.com