Highly configured end-to-end platforms generate new intelligence

Create context

  • Integrate specific publications and data
  • Connect to your external data sources
  • Extract critical information

Context and behaviour

  • Guided behaviour

Configure behaviour

  • Users guide precise behaviour
  • Generation in your style/tone
  • Rapid iterative prototyping

Behaviour and Outputs

  • Organisational knowledge applied

Define outputs

  • Your sophisticated outputs configured
  • Configure downstream APIs
  • Client portals deliver content

Outputs and context

  • Context driven

Context, behaviour and outputs

New intelligence

Librios lets you control the core information, create service sites giving your supply chain/partners a secure place to add their own documents and data to engage with your intelligence


Core site

Core site holds your data & documents


Service sites

Service (derivative of core) sites holds your partner/supplier/customer IP


Intelligent outputs

AI Outputs from service site are controlled and limited by you

Built to scale

Librios is built with the flexibility to scale to accommodate virtually any enterprise requirements

Scaling by department or business unit

Librios can be deployed across individual business units with a single context driver

Supporting digital transformation initiatives

Librios can be deployed in clusters where transformation initiatives have multiple contexts

Integrated into your digital ecosystem

Librios can be integrated into existing architectures and services


A feature rich platform


  • Data ingestion
  • Publishing
  • Content approval/signing


  • Microsoft Word
  • PowerBI round-trip
  • Data export APIs

And much more


No compromises in security and confidentiality

Secure, flexible deployment

Best practices data security

  • End to end encryption (=TLS 1.2, A+ rated)
  • Auth0-powered authentication and identity
  • Minimal reliance on third-party systems
  • Monthly independent penetration testing

Flexible deployment

  • Self-managed within your own Microsoft Azure subscription
  • Optional management by Cloud Solutions Partner or Managed Service Partner

Secure, scalable hardware infrastructure

  • Azure scales from MVP to hyperscale
  • Reliability from regional resiliency and global availability
  • Baseline configurations reviewed annually
  • 24/7 monitoring of world’s largest online services


Secure AI environment

  • Your data is never used for model training or AI service improvement
  • Any fine-tuning of the base model is exclusively for your use and private
  • AI tools are permission-aware, and grounded in your own confidentiality rules
  • Enterprise-grade governance and controls surround use of AI models

Strict confidentiality

  • Trusted to manage highly confidential data for publishers
  • Amenable to working under NDA as per client preference

Protective corporate policy

  • All data management functions are in house
  • Access to customer data is regulated and controlled using least privilege access
Next steps

Get going quickly and scale

You need to

  • Identify sample data and documents
  • Explain background and relevance
  • Describe user behaviours

You can then

  • Use platform in live testing
  • Tune and refine outputs
  • Evaluate project value

Test in your own environment

ESG sector example

Have a project in mind? Contact us

Talk to us about a cost-effective rapid prototype to test concepts and try new ideas.

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