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AI-Powered report generator for supplier due diligence and screening

Compare historical data, aggregate updated financial, ESG or risk information, incorporate advisory notices and news sources and produce a baseline report for review.

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Collect supply chain risk data at scale

Drag and drop reporting information locked documents and use AI to analyse

Aggregate other datasets

Include D&B or other subscription data, government or legislation datasets for benchmarking information

Generative business intelligence

Report on company and individual intelligence locked in 1000’s of documents, and deliver through service sites as natural language reports

Drive improvement

Use results to identify interventions, training and support

Tailor-fit solution in a box


Extract company, sector or individual background information from documents or datasets to report and generate new intelligence


Extract data from Standards, policies, best practice guidelines to map at scale DD operational information


Extract data from previous reports, third party data sets, news sources, watch lists, legal proceedings to discover intelligence


Installed in your own secure MS Azure subscription so can integrate and reside by your data

The Librios impact

Using AI to build supplier DD reports

Ideal for Research teams to streamline early report creation


Over 50% time saving on gathering DD research


Ability to scale the database to hold historical and current records


Twice the value in reporting with data alongside natural language text

Start today, identify a use case, find the documents and data, test outputs and refine

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