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Using AI to identify audit or inspection risks at scale

Process corrected or uncorrected audit/inspection reports, extract and report on non-conformances, corrective actions, improvement recommendations or trends against quality and safety Standard clauses.

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Collect audit/inspection data at scale

Drag and drop documents and reports then use AI to analyse, correct and trend at scale. Supports internal audit or as audit/inspection reporting service

Aggregate other datasets

Include best practice, standards, government or regulatory datasets for benchmarking

Generative business intelligence

Report on intelligence locked in 1000’s of documents within the service, deliver through service sites or roundtrip outcomes via your own PowerBI API as natural language reports

Drive improvement

Use results to identify interventions, training and support

Tailor-fit solution in a box


Extract data from Audit and inspection documents and reports and generate new intelligence


Extract data from Standards, policies, best practice guidelines to map at scale to customer operational information


Extract data from checklists, questionnaires, pre-visit reports and allow supply chain engagement at scale to the outcomes


Installed in your own secure MS Azure subscription so can integrate and reside by your data

The Librios impact

Using AI to process large data sets

Data capture, cleansing, aggregating and generating new insights and improvements from Audit & Inspection reports at a customer by customer level


Verification time reduction


Data points transacted


Speed of data retrieval

Start today, identify a use case, find the documents and data, test outputs and refine

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