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AI-powered solution for managing complex information in portfolio companies and live transactions

Portfolio managers deal with a constant flow of disparate reporting and data. Automate data extraction, standardisation, reporting and structured warehousing on thousands of documents and datasets, from investment proposals to board packs and ESG questionnaires.

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Collect portfolio company reporting at scale

Drag and drop documents from investee companies, counterparties and live processes, and use AI to classify reports, extract important information and enforce governance at scale.

Aggregate other datasets

Include financial and operational datasets, subscription data, government legislation and benchmarking information.

Generative business intelligence

Report on intelligence locked in 1000’s of documents within the service, deliver through service sites or roundtrip outcomes via your own PowerBI API as natural language reports.

Drive improvement

Validate data, improve reporting, enforce governance, identify risks.

Tailor-fit solution in a box


Extract classifications and data from thousands of disparate documents across live transactions and portfolio management.


Warehouse your important documents and data in a highly secure, tailor-fit platform hosted in MS Azure.


Combine your documents and data with the latest AI models to identify risks and generate new intelligence.


Produce automated enterprise-grade reporting using your carefully controlled data.

The Librios impact

Using AI to automate portfolio reporting

Data capture, cleansing, standardising and generating new reporting from thousands of documents produced at a portfolio company level


Manage millions of data points across investment portfolios


Save thousands of hours in extracting and storing data


Generate over twice as much value from your existing reporting

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