The Librios information
management platform
Librios is a modular configurable software application, built on a single code base, from a core publishing foundation. Our growth into the Governance and Compliance space is driven by the needs of our customers, who want to connect a wide range of data to gain competitive insights.
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Assurance & Compliance

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Librios is used as a platform to help organizations manage evidence-based control. By gathering, linking and integrating data, new services can be created to manage compliance and support governance. Analytics and trends can target improvement areas and supply chain engagement.

Charities & Institutions

Charities & Institutions View sector

Get the discussion going with Librios. Changing legislations, COVID-19 updates and emergency government grants: broadcasting relevant and up-to-date knowledge has never been more critical. Build user engagement with subscriptions, tools and content services to help and support more people in their everyday jobs. Reports and analysis help drive new relevant content decisions.


Publishers View sector

Designed to support publishers manage, re-purpose and publish their content, the platform blends editorial tools with broadcast capabilities. From MS Word, to xml, to EPub and web-based subscription services, Librios helps with the democratization of data while centralizing resources.

Technical support

Technical support

Our software engineers provide 3rd and 4th line support across our technologies. We have a vast amount of experience supporting in life projects using several different tracking tools.

Project Management?

Project management

Using MS DevOps and our own integrated ticketing system we have provided everything from small bespoke projects to end to end, long term, program evolution delivery.

Developer Tools


We use technology based around Microsoft® software such as SQL Server, .Net and Windows Server. The Librios platform software uses generic tools to allow integration with external systems, often without the requirement for additional software development.



Librios can be deployed to your MS Azure Cloud environment or we offer different managed hosting services via our CSP partner Secura.

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