Our technology
Specialized software providing intelligent data management to drive and create knowledge
Key features
Just some of the features our software gives clients access to.
The technology
Librios is a powerful database platform built on a Microsoft™ technology stack. It can act as both middleware, and as a broadcast tool. Custom data sets can be created, updated and managed and accessed via a single unified API. The Platform can be delivered as a managed service or directly into the customer's infrastructure.
Data ingestion
Connect and ingest external data using powerful in-built tools. Even convert formats such as Word documents (DOCX) into updatable and reusable content. You can also e-mail documents to the Platform for automatic categorization and storage.
Curate and edit online
Robotic process automatation (RPA) helps automate complex tasks. Document content can be edited online via a rich text editor. Data centric content is automatically converted into web forms for online updating. All data is versioned (with redlining tools).
Sophisticated workflows
Documents and data can take part in sophisticated workflows. Our API connector technology also allows third-party tools (e.g. document signing) to be integrated into the workflow process.
Broadcast data directly on the Plaform, or expose data via the Platform API. Create production files for your documents into formats such as EPub, InDesign or Word. E-mail alerts and digest e-mails also help alert users.
Our powerful search engine aids data discovery. Search within specific data fields, and on number and date ranges. Display results in a analytical form, or geolocated on a map. The search system can also search within files (e.g. DOCX, PDF files) creating extracts to show the context of a search hit. The search system has a wide range of features for sorting and refining searches. For example, it can integrate with our textual analysis engine to find key terms within content and help users refine their search by selecting from these terms. The search system is used througout the Platform, for example within our Bot technology and within our API to allow sophisticated requests for data.
AI features
Our textual analysis engine allows entire documents to be analyzed and key themes identified. Our manuscript analyzer allows users to upload their own documents and finds the most relevant content on the platform. The system can also apply Gap analysis to identify and score concepts that are missing in a document. Image recognition features allow you to upload and find similar images. Our Bot technology and robotic process automation features also help users engage with the Platform.
Data insights
In additional to in-built analytics (which includes charting and predictive analytics), PowerBI charts can be embedded in the Platform using data from our sophisticated API. Charts can be embedded in a user dashboard, or even directly within a publication.
Multi-level subscription based access to your data and documents. Integration with payment systems such as PayPal and Stripe.
Platform analytics
All of the activity on the system is recorded allowing the creation of custom analytics and reports. You can identify content trends and produce detailed reports for the Platform as a whole or by individual and institution.
The platform has in-built MFA controls as well as the ability to connect to corporate SSO systems using technology such as OAuth.
Highly configurable
The Platform is highly configurable in terms of functionality and responsive design.
Additional features
We also have various other features on the platform.
Institutional access
Institutional access can be configured and administered and content bought for by site admins using our “profile switching” facility. Access to content can be authenticated by IP address.
Create low cost and scalable microsites with bespoke themes, features, permissions and content.
Ability to build community around the content. Features such as posting status updates and content creation (such events, news, blogs and images). The Librios Platform allows users and places to make friends and connect or follow one another and they can also send direct messages to one another or post into threaded discussions and comment.
Event management
Events can be created and searched on via a variety of metadata including date range. A calendar view allows for easy navigation. Attendance can be purchased by the user or on behalf of other colleagues in the same company. If different types of tickets are needed, these can be created, sold and managed via the site.
Pre-configured content types
Within the Platform there are many content types which have already been pre-configured and integrated with creation, searching and re-purposing. Blogs, news, discussions, jobs and groups can all be created, commented upon and shared to social networking sites.
The Librios Platform allows for content to be styled and treated as learning material. This can be incorporated with CPD points and displayed on leader boards.
Additional services
As content can be structured in a range of ways, we also offer additional services using the expertise of a number of partners. These partners have specific skills in bringing content of different forms into the Librios platform and producing beautiful typeset output.
Content conversion & import options
The Librios platform can also import content directly from EPUB, XML, HTML using pre-defined filters. We can provide additional conversion services to allow your content to meet these filters and flow onto the platform (including conversion from InDesign and PDF formats)
InDesign typesetting & EPUB styling
In addition to the features on the platform (the ability to upload your own InDesign templates and EPUB CSS files) we offer more advanced production services, if required, for taking the InDesign output from the Librios platform and applying your templating ready for book production or EPUB output and apply custom styling (CSS).
Thinking of starting a project?
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