Assurance & Compliance
Evidence based control
Platform as a Service to help you keep watch and manage evidence of control
  • Third-Party Due Diligence
  • Vendor On-boarding
  • Supplier compliance
  • ESG Evidence Locker
  • Gifts & Hospitality Compliance
  • Employee Risk Assessments
  • Compliance micro-learning
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Platform as a solution able to deliver a small project or an enterprise service
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  • Compliance processes are more often global
  • Aggregation and integration of data is important
  • Vendor and Supply Chain management needs to be self sufficient
  • Not just one analytics and trends model
  • Many different stakeholders to manage compliance
  • Cloud based and security focused
  • Configured to you and your world
Data Capture/Measure
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  • Auto-scored Checklists
  • Questionnaires
  • Auto-scored Policy Analysis
  • Forum & comments
  • Certificate currency
  • Micro-learning tasks
Resource Hub
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  • Codes of Conduct & Policies
  • Significant changes
  • Policy analyzer
  • Policy Management
  • Significant changes and updates
  • Discussion forums
External data integration
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  • API data sources
  • News feeds
  • PowerBI outputs
Case studies
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Presenting business critical content as knowledge rather than just documents