Assurance & Compliance
Evidence based control
Platform as a Service to help you keep watch and manage evidence of control
  • Third-Party Due Diligence
  • Vendor On-boarding
  • Supplier compliance
  • ESG Evidence Locker
  • Gifts & Hospitality Compliance
  • Employee Risk Assessments
  • Compliance micro-learning
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Platform as a solution able to deliver a small project or an enterprise service
Description: laptopmobile-root--evidenceandlearning
  • Compliance processes are more often global
  • Aggregation and integration of data is important
  • Vendor and Supply Chain management needs to be self sufficient
  • Not just one analytics and trends model
  • Many different stakeholders to manage compliance
  • Cloud based and security focused
  • Configured to you and your world
Data Capture/Measure
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  • Auto-scored Checklists
  • Questionnaires
  • Auto-scored Policy Analysis
  • Forum & comments
  • Certificate currency
  • Micro-learning tasks
Resource Hub
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  • Codes of Conduct & Policies
  • Significant changes
  • Policy analyzer
  • Policy Management
  • Significant changes and updates
  • Discussion forums
External data integration
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  • API data sources
  • News feeds
  • PowerBI outputs
Case studies
Description: AI-driven solution for risk and compliance identification
created on Jun 18
Across industries subject to regulatory standards and compliance requirements, audits and inspections by humans are crucial for ensuring adherence to guidelines and mitigating risks.
Description: AI-powered infrastructure investment management
created on Jun 18
This case study examines the implementation of the Librios Generative Business Intelligence platform within a leading infrastructure investment firm.
Description: AI-powered solution for due diligence
created on Jun 18
This Librios implementation reduces researchers' time by c.20% by enabling AI-powered initial drafts of company and individual due diligence reports.
Description: AI-Powered Solution for Scope 3 Emission Reporting
created on May 17
Corporate sustainability strategies increasingly recognize Scope 3 emissions as significant, representing indirect emissions from an organization's value chain.