Charities and Institutions
When engagement matters
Do you help in running a membership-led organization that relies on a dedicated group of volunteers to deliver its work or do you work in the charity sector, where critical intelligence needs to be distributed as content and knowledge for the members?

Whatever your circumstances, Librios can help you get your members directly involved and actively shape the Standards Development via discussions and evidence-based audit data. Transparency, changing regulations and streamlining your digital processes drive rapid communication to advisors via information management & community broadcast: we have the solution to your challenges.
Bookmarks, notes, citations and xml-driven content: our software is designed to drive engagement and create an ecosystem of information to help you turn data into knowledge.
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Librios: a safe eco-system with you at its centre
Case studies
Description: Water Environment Federation
created on Nov 05
Helping WEF digitize and broadcast their publications.
Description: Yale University Press A&AePortal
created on Jan 27
Academic research transformed into an accessible online resource.