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Your audience is demanding. They are global and digital and constantly driven towards building a deeper direct community engagement.
There are many publishing issues to meet new audience demands, such as cost and time to market, relevancy and reuse of assets and ever-changing multi-format delivery. Technology can help, but publishing is still fundamentally a content-centred business with everyday challenges such as:
  • How do you extend content life in print and digital?
  • How can you have a digital first approach?
  • How does your data, insights and reports help you improve content creation?
  • How do you respond quickly to trends and opportunities?
  • How can you integrate new services with what you have today?
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Case studies
Description: Water Environment Federation
created on Nov 05
Helping WEF digitize and broadcast their publications.
Description: Yale University Press A&AePortal
created on Jan 27
Academic research transformed into an accessible online resource.